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Coffered & Waffle Ceilings, Crown Molding, Baseboards


Trim and Mouldings

Whether you are renovating your current place or building a new house, trim is a big part of any project. At Dream Team Carpentry we take care of the installation of casing, backband, baseboard, shoe mold, crown molding, chair rail, and any other types of moldings.

We use specialty tools and techniques to achieve long lasting results for all of our projects. That means that your mouldings will stay tight and flat not only right after your project is painted but for many years to come. As an example, we use glue for all of our casing perimeter that touches the jamb to ensure a solid bond, as well as clam clamps to tighten down the miters to penetrate wood glue deep inside the wood grain. This helps to ensure that your casing will not split or crack.

The installation of baseboard also contains some extra steps that we take to get the long lasting results. We use a high end stud finder that shows each and every stud precisely, so we can nail down our baseboard at every single stud. As an added value, we nail our baseboard at the top of the profile and bottom with 2 nails, this way the bottom nail holes get covered by the shoe mold – thus less holes to fill for the painters. And last but not least, we always cope our inside corners vs miter, which helps keep your corners tight even when your house experiences seasonal movements.

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Coffered / Waffle Ceilings

Transform your office, dining, or living room with a custom designed coffered ceiling Toronto and waffle ceiling Toronto. At Dream Team Carpentry we pay extra attention towards designing your detailed ceiling. We work closely with our customers until we can show them a detailed sketch that will satisfy what they are looking for. Moreover, once the design has been selected we will make a mockup to showcase what the ceiling will look like. This way we are eliminating any second guessing when it comes to the finished product. Whether you have a modern or a traditional approach, we will find the way to match the design to your taste and house spirit. As part of the installation process, you can rest assured that your ceiling will be laid out with lasers and will be level, plumb and square to the room. Last but not least, we will tie the ceiling nicely to your lighting fixtures so that the overall look will be completed and elegant.

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What are Coffered Ceilings?

Today’s public structures and private homes alike strive for the same beauty and texture through coffered ceilings, which are inspired by a Baroque and early Renaissance architectural style in which a roof’s framework exposes overhead beams crossing at various angles. In architectural terminology, the word “coffer” implies a depression. To rebuild the design, beams are used to create upward indentations in a ceiling that are framed by rectangular, square, octagonal, and other polygonal-shaped rectangles. The end result is three-dimensional sunken panels that closely resemble a deeply grooved checkerboard. Coffered ceilings, like their flat-panel counterparts, provide a lot of architectural intrigue for your living area. They also offer the following benefits: They give the appearance of greater openness and space, filter out noise, and potentially increase a property’s resale value. Interested yet? Read on to learn more about the highly adaptable design element before you start installing a coffered ceiling in your house.

The ornate coffered ceiling designs of residential homes are far less elaborate than those in many huge public structures, such as courthouses, ancient churches, and art galleries, yet they nonetheless provide a striking focal point. Ceiling decorations, such as architectural medallions, tin ceiling tiles or wallpaper in the center coffer panels, painting or staining the beams to create visual depth, and ridge and scallop patterns into the wood and beams, are common. These design choices make the show-stopping feature easily customizable to the style of any particular home.

The beams penetrate into a room, taking up some overhead area, despite the fact that coffered ceilings attract the attention upward. Coffered ceilings are most appropriate for rooms with high ceilings, such as those measuring nine feet tall or more. The addition of coffers to rooms with lower ceilings might feel uninviting or congested. Keep in mind that the higher the current ceiling, the deeper the coffered indentations should be—this ensures that the bottoms of the beams don’t obstruct headspace or visually overpower a room.
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