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Wine Cellars, Saunas, and Theatre Rooms

Among all services that we provide at Dream Team Carpentry this is by far the most rewarding one! Saunas, wine cellars and theatre rooms can all bring you some truly enjoyable and quality time to your own house. There are a lot of things to be considered when you take on a project like this, from framing stage to finishing. Luckily enough, you’ll get covered from start to finish by an amazing team of professionals at Dream Team Carpentry.

We work closely with our clients on the design aspect, as well as thinking of any finishing touches that need to be considered in the planning stage. This way when it comes time for constructing your sauna or wine cellar the process goes smoothly and the customer can rest assured that they are getting what they had in mind.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to custom work like wine cellars, theatre rooms, or saunas. With so many different materials and accessories available on the market, any design or inspiration can be matched and executed by our professional team.

Give us a call for your next wine cellar, sauna, or theatre room project to get professional and clean results!
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